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Cincinnati is located in the southwest corner of Ohio, adjacent to Kentucky and Indiana. The metropolitan area includes northern Kentucky and Southeastern Indiana, and the Cincinnati International Airport is actually located in Northern Kentucky!


Greater Cincinnati offers its residents a wealth of cultural and sporting opportunities and a variety of affordable home-style. Music, theatre, dance and art events and museums abound, the gardens and parks are beautiful, educational opportunities are numerous, and Cincinnati boasts some of the finest medical facilities in the country.


Major league sports can be found as Cincinnati is home to both the Reds - baseball's oldest franchise - and the resurgent Bengals. We also have hockey and soccer in the metro area.


Cincinnati is built along the Ohio River, and some of the city's finest restaurants and nightlife are found along the River. What about the weather? Summers are hot and humid, winters are mild with occasional snowfalls and a very occasional heavy bout of snow. Spring and Autumn are usually mild, sunny and brisk.


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