Who is Comey & Shepherd?







Comey & Shepherd Realtors® is a family owned and operated company founded in 1946. The company has earned a reputation for offering the technological real estate services today's industry requires, as well as the personal attention each client deserves.


The company has 200 veteran agents at 8 branch offices. Its agents are extremely productive - the average annual sales per agent is 19 vs. an industry average of 12 homes per agent per year.


Comey & Shepherd offers a comprehensive set of marketing services to assist buyers and sellers, including virtual tours, a TV Home Show, 24 Hour Property Source hotline, Internet site, Mortgage Assurance, and membership with RELO, an association of 1100 brokers nationwide providing relocation assistance.



 ı: May Wu 


ı: Direct		(513) 759-8543
Office 		(513) 777-2333
Cell. 		(513) 254-9402
Fax 		(513) 297-5840
Email:	           mwu@comey.com; 


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